• Massage

  • Our therapists perform time honored techniques with a personal touch. All massage therapies can be customized to your precise needs.

    Soothing Touch 30 minute $45 /60 minute $81 / 90 minute $110
    Salon Emage’s Signature Swedish Massage. Ideal for reducing tension, soothing sore muscles and increasing circulation.

    Inner Balance 30 minute $63 / 60 minute $112/ 90 minute $147
    This dynamic massage technique is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscles.
    Deep tissue massage uses a variety of techniques to loosen specific areas and increase circulation.
    We recommend this therapy for the physically active person, and those who enjoy a more vigorous massage.
    This therapy is not recommended for pregnant women.

    Target Zone Therapy 30 minutes $69
    Our therapist will consult with you to find and address your body's tension zones. Tight knotted muscles in back and shoulders, or hands and feet, are smoothed and loosened.

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