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  • Bridal Coordinator, Karen Luster, reveals she is a hopeless romantic. She would also like her brides to know that being in love with love is what guides her as she works on their behalf to make their wedding day the most spectacular event in their lives. “I am aware that I am helping my brides plan one of the biggest moments of their lives, and I like to remind them that they are beautiful. It is my intention to help bring out their inner beauty so they can share it with all the special people in their lives on their special day.”

    Karen has worked as the Bridal Coordinator at Salon Emage Day Spa for 3 years, scheduling in-salon, and on-location services for bridal parties of any size. Whether a bride has 3, 15, or more, in her party, Karen welcomes accommodating her needs. “I have fun and I love it!” says Karen. “And when our bridal parties are having services done in the salon, I enjoy providing refreshments to them as a courtesy.” She says it is her pleasure to attend to her bridal parties’ needs while they are under her protective care at the salon. “I am there 100 percent of my time to accommodate my brides and their parties!”

    Karen says she appreciates how working at Salon Emage Day Spa is like working with family. She also has great respect for the immense talent of the team and how everyone really cares about each other.

    “If I could give my brides any piece of advice, it would be this; focus on the moments. I’d also tell them what my wedding planner told me 22 years ago; “focus on your husband-to-be at the end of the aisle.” I recall my eyes locked with his and all I wanted to do was run down that aisle to get to into the arms that would hold me the rest of my life. That is what I’d tell my amazing brides; put all your focus on your future at the end of that aisle and walk confidently into it!”

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